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Inuktitut font[edit source]

Government fonts for the Inuktitut language can be found at http://www.gov.nu.ca/english/font/

Conversion script[edit source]

The script introduced in 86670 converts text between Syllabics and Latin (Syllabics being the default), based on the script for Serbian (see sr:).

There will be three language options (in Special:Preferences):

  • "iu": no conversion
  • "ike-cans": convert text to Syllabics
  • "ike-latn": convert text to Latin

You will be able to choose this for the interface and content/title separately.

Other features:

  • Use __NOTC__ to disable title conversion.
  • Use -{text}- for disable conversion for that text.

Other info:

  • Capitalisation does not work from Syllabics to Latin, because there are no capital letters in Syllabics. All text remains lower-case.
  • Text on talk pages is not converted.

When enabled:

  • Page titles should be moved to Syllabics-only titles, page content should be made Syllabics-only
  • If there are any problems, please go to meta:User talk:SPQRobin.